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The practice of law is often about brinksmanship. As an aggressive lawyer, I fight for my clients and will not settle for the first, second or even third offer if it is not in your best interest. Whether you are facing criminal charges or have been injured due to negligence, I will stay committed to your case and persevere until I secure the outcome you need and deserve.

Strong Representation From A Local Attorney

I have been practicing law for over 25 years and, most importantly, I have been doing it right here in the Puget Sound region. I have lived here nearly my whole life. The attitudes and beliefs of a jury pool in Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond and surrounding communities are completely different than a jury pool in Seattle or Tacoma. If you have a legal issue that may go to trial, you need a lawyer like me who understands the demographics of the community where your case will be tried.

Washington is probably the most diverse state in the union. We have deserts, beaches, mountains, forests, rivers, Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean. You simply won't find a state with a more diverse geography or a more diverse population politically and culturally.

As a lawyer who has practiced law in this area my entire career, I know what it takes to effectively reach these diverse groups on a jury panel. I have tried scores of cases successfully and have hundreds of satisfied clients to show for it.

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Act Now To Protect Your Rights

Serious injuries and criminal charges can affect you for years to come. Let me help you. I can guide you through the legal system and make sure that your case is handled properly now in order to protect your future. Call my office at 425-214-1032 to schedule your consultation.