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DUI Charges

Drunk-driving (DUI or DWI) cases are often won or lost on aggressive pretrial motions to suppress evidence, such as breathalyzer and/or field sobriety tests that might have otherwise been considered by a judge or jury. This is only one of the reasons why you should contact a lawyer as soon as you have been arrested on DUI/DWI charges.

Domestic Violence

Most domestic violence cases are resolved without a trial. However, if a domestic violence case needs to be tried, I will try it. If a self-defense argument needs to be made, I will make it. In fact, if we prevail on a self-defense argument, I may be able to obtain a refund from the state of some or all of the attorney fees on behalf of my client.

Assault & Battery

Assault and battery provides more protection for the accused party than perhaps any other crime. Washington state recognizes self defense, and I have noted over the course of my career that judges and juries view defendants charged with assault and battery more favorably if they were acting out of self defense.

Criminal Traffic Offenses

When it comes to criminal traffic offenses, many police officers tend to exaggerate the specific facts of the case. I have cross-examined scores of police officers over the years and I know how to draw out inconsistencies and expose exaggerations to create reasonable doubt.

Drug Crimes

From experience I have found that success in drug cases is strongly dependent on an attorney's ability to plea bargain during pre-trial and early stages of the case. I have consistently proven to regional prosecutors that I will not back down in the defense of my clients. This reputation allows me greater flexibility when negotiating plea bargains with the prosecution.

Property Crimes

People make mistakes. Imperfection is in our nature. Regardless of what you've done, there is always potential to straighten out your situation. The law says you are innocent until proven guilty, and I agree.

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