Domestic Violence

Bellevue Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

In a domestic violence case, the predisposition of the prosecutor and many judges in Washington state is that the defendant—who is usually a man—is in need of lengthy batterer's treatment.

I'm John Polito, a lawyer in Bellevue, Washington, who defends clients in domestic abuse cases. For nearly 25 years, I have handled cases involving spousal abuse, family violence, and violations of orders for protection, restraining orders, and no-contact orders for people in Seattle, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah, Tacoma,, and other cities in western Washington state.

A one size fits all approach is not appropriate in all domestic violence cases. If a man is truly a batterer and has domestic violence control issues, then I will be the first one to suggest that he get the treatment he needs to be a better man and keep his family together. However, in my experience, that is not the usual domestic violence case.

More often, people simply have a bad day and in most cases, both parties are at fault for creating a situation that necessitated police involvement. As an attorney, I am highly skilled at presenting the facts that will present my client in a more favorable light to the prosecutor, the judge, or the jury.

Most domestic violence cases are resolved without a trial. However, if a domestic violence case needs to be tried, I will try it. If a self-defense argument needs to be made, I will make it. In fact, if we prevail on a self-defense argument, I may be able to obtain a refund from the state of some or all of the attorney fees on behalf of my client.

Domestic violence cases need to be looked at through the prism of the relationship, In fact, many times after the parties have calmed down, there is a rational way to enter into a plea bargain which will bring peace to the relationship at relatively minimal financial and emotional cost. I will use all of my resources as a lawyer to try and obtain that result.

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