Restraining Orders

Even the most well-meaning of us can make a mistake. If that mistake involves a silly argument with a spouse that gets out of hand after a hard day, that mistake can result in a lifetime of consequences and complications.

If you are facing a civil order for protection in association with domestic violence accusations, it is extremely important to understand your options for protecting your rights and reputation. With more than 25 years of experience in Bellevue and surrounding cities, I am the lawyer you need on your side.

As a criminal defense attorney born and raised here, I am highly skilled at presenting the facts that can present you in a more favorable light to local prosecutors, juries and judges.

I Will Fight Aggressively To Protect Your Future

Nothing good can come from simply allowing the civil protective order to stand, even if you are not facing criminal charges for domestic violence. Having the protective order on your record is a blemish that can haunt you as you search for employment, prevent you from spending time with your children, and even bar you from participating as a coach or activity leader in schools.

I have extensive experience with civil and criminal matters, uniquely positioning me to resolve all aspects of your case. This includes fighting the protective order from the start and fighting to make sure that "innocent until proven guilty" is applied to your case. All too often, restraining orders are handed out like candy on Halloween, with very little research done into the merit of the accusations. I work to determine how the allegations fit into the overall context of the relationship's history and build a strong case for the judge to use restraint.

In many cases, an order is issued either without the consent of the supposed protective party or will not be lifted or modified when the protected party wants it to be. Based on my extensive experience and knowing the different judges, I know which cards to play in order to convince the judge and even the prosecutor to lift or significantly modify the orders to your benefit. This is only something that can happen with the time, success, reputation and the experience which comes from practicing law for over 25 years.

If the protective order cannot be avoided, I will fight to have it removed quickly in order to minimize the complications such as being barred from your marital home or from spending time with your children.

Are you facing a restraining order in Bellevue, Seattle, Kirkland or elsewhere in western Washington? Call me now at 425-214-1032 for a no-cost assessment of your defense options.