"I was seriously injured in a collision which required me to have surgery on my previously injured shoulder. My first lawyer tried to pressure me to accept a low ball offer from the insurance company and would not take my case to trial when I wouldn't accept it. John took over my case and got a six figure verdict which was over 10 times the amount of the insurance company's last pretrial offer. I went from feeling totally rejected and marginalized to being elated with the verdict. John restored my faith in lawyers and the judicial system."


"I was wrongfully accused of a felony assault and have no criminal history whatsoever. My first lawyer tried to talk me into taking a felony guilty plea with some jail time and told me I could go to prison for four years if I lost. I had John take over my case and the jury found me not guilty of all charges after deliberating for less than an hour. John saved me and my family from a lifetime of financial ruin, shame and stigma associated with a felony conviction.

-S. T.

"My ex-wife tried to use the legal system as a sword against me by filing unfounded criminal allegations which wreaked havoc on my life. Through his tenacity and determination, John was able to get all of the criminal charges against me dismissed. I can't thank John enough for being there and helping me through this extremely troubling time."

-M. L.

"John has represented me and other family members who have all had the unfortunate circumstance of having been in car accidents which upended our lives in too many ways to count. John and his excellent, supportive staff were able to navigate us through all of the difficulties and blame shifting by the insurance companies and obtain settlements on our behalf far in excess what we would have been able to obtain on our own. We would recommend anyone to hire John if they have been significantly harmed in a collision."

-J. Z.

"I was in a serious motorcycle accident which the insurance company tried to blame me for. John's experience as a motorcycle rider and knowledge of the law allowed him to rebut the insurance company's biased conclusions. We settled my claim for far more than I was initially offered as a direct result of John's efforts and skill."


"My ex wife falsely charged me with assaulting her. Because of her charges, I couldn't see my son for over four months. I was eventually found not guilty of all charges and reunited with my son. The state was also required to reimburse me for my legal fees. I am forever thankful to John for all he did for me."


"I was falsely accused of a sexual assault and had to face the horror of potentially having a protection order entered against me based on false accusations. I had heard horror stories about how easy it is for someone to get a civil protection order in a hearing. In a difficult "he said/she said" case, John was able to point out, through his skill and experience, all of the circumstantial evidence which called into account the alleged victim's credibility and I won my hearing. This result also convinced the prosecutor to not file criminal charges against me. I can't imagine what my life would have been like if I had lost that hearing. I will be forever grateful to John for all of his hard work."

-J. P.

"I was arrested for DUI on a second offense which I knew was the result of a trooper being very biased against me. I interviewed a lot of lawyers before choosing John to represent me. In a very hotly contested DUI trial, John was able to successfully cross examine the trooper to draw out his bias and demeanor and the jury found me not guilty of a crime I did not commit. I was facing significant jail and other sanctions and my life would have been significantly affected without John's hard work and courtroom skill. I am glad I hired him."

-J. O.

"Our son has had a difficult time managing his anger and mental health issues which resulted in him fighting with us and numerous arrests. John was able to convince the court and prosecutor that warehousing our son in jail would be a mistake. John has been a valuable mentor to our son and he has not had any further brushes with the law. John helped keep our family together and we are forever grateful."

R.B. and K.B.

"My son was tragically involved in an accidental shooting and was charged with serious crimes that could have landed him in prison for most of the rest of his life. I thoroughly researched who to choose as his lawyer and found that John had the highest rating available from his peers and once we met with him, we could tell why he is the lawyer that other lawyers go to when they look to hire a zealous advocate on their behalf. Not only did John craft an outstanding result in that case, tragedy further came to our family when another son died as a result of a tragic incident. John was able to recover a very favorable settlement which went a long way toward healing our family's response to this tragedy as well. He is the best.

T.M. and M.M.